Naturally Colored - Is It a Scam? Diamond Investment Review

%100 Trusted Investment Grade Diamonds! is an online diamond selling service that has been doing business online since 2013 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in the US. Naturally Colored was initially formed in 2000 by the Peled Diamonds Ltd., which has been conducting diamond transactions since 1942. claims to sell quality colored diamonds at discount prices to manufacturer's, diamond retailers, jewelry stores, and private customers looking to design an engagement ring – but is it a scam? Diamond Investment Firm Review Diamond Investment Firm Review

Is Naturally Colored Legitimate? Yes along with its parent company, Peled Diamonds, are both long-standing registered members of the Israeli Diamond Industry (IDI). The IDI has been established since before Israel even declared its independence – so it can definitely be trusted.

In addition to this, Naturally Colored is also a member of the Natural Color Diamonds Industry Association (NCDIA). The NCDIA is global non-profit organization composed of some of the world's most prestigious diamond designers, producers, manufacturers, and retailers.

The fact that is registered with a local regulator and an international group dedicated to colored diamonds tells us they have nothing to hide.

Refund Policy - Yes

Before buying colored diamonds online, it's important to always look at the company's refund policy and terms of use. Naturally Colored offers a 14-day money back guarantee. All diamonds are guaranteed to be of the highest quality from certified manufacturers, dealers, and importers.

Safe and Secure - Yes

When buying naturally colored diamonds online, you can never be too safe. This is why it's important to keep in mind the following problems you may encounter with unscrupulous diamond dealers.

Are the colors really natural? Diamonds that are color treated are worth considerably less compared to their natural counterparts. Make sure your dealer is selling authentic colored diamonds. does not use any type of artificial color enhancements.

Does the diamond come with a certificate of authenticity? Most legitimate diamond sellers will provide a document proving the diamond's authenticity – make sure the verification comes from a trusted reliable source. sells GIA certified diamonds.

Conclusion - Trustworthy!

With all this being said, we have yet to find one negative review of Due to this fact along with the company being well-established, licensed, and regulated, we can safely assume that Naturally Colored is definitely not a scam. 

We give Naturally Colored a definite two thumbs up - they are trustworthy!
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