Public Cautions Regarding Scams on Online Diamond Investment

The public is being cautioned by the AMF regarding proposals for diamonds investment. The apparently very appealing investment is normally portrayed as a secure one and these proposals give positive guarantees of profits that are unique and unlikely.

Public Cautions Regarding Scams on Online Diamond Investment

The AMF is appealing to private investors to be very careful. The AMF has noted an extremely powerful rise in offers for diamond investment meant for the French society. 

In addition, it is more and more being consulted by retail investors lamenting about forceful direct marketing on these platforms, or about hardships in reclaiming their investment or even getting in touch with their contact person.

It also seems that these platforms’ postal addresses or firms in high-class areas are many times imaginary, whereas their marketing dialogue is similar to the one of unlawful binary options or Forex trading platforms.

Because of the strong doubt about how such offers are presented, the AMF is advising investors not to agree to the appeals from these organizations and avoid sharing them with third parties in whatever way.

Retail investors are reminded by the AMF that these proposals for investment are dangerous and need to be observed very carefully. In case of fraud, a complaint should be filed by the victims and offer the experienced legal authorities with detailed data (such as references for money transfer, recognized contact people, Skype and emails communication and addresses).

Finally, investors as well as people in charge of marketing investment items are reminded by the AMF to adhere to these security tips prior to investing in any manner:

· No materials for advertising should lead you to ignore the fact that high risk is always involved in high returns.

· Gain maximum knowledge on the firm or intermediary attempting to sell a product to you (background of firm, authorization/certification, where head offices are situated, etc.)

· Make an investment solely on an item you comprehend;

· Pose these questions to yourself; how and by whom, whether the buying cost or selling cost of the advertised item is fixed and get to know the specific terms and deadline for selling the item, particularly in instances where the item invests in a reduced liquidity asset class.

The previous week, there were reports that India would become the initial state in the globe to trade polished diamonds on a commodity exchange. 

ICEX (Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd) that has previously obtained the in-principal go-ahead from the regulatory body for the start of diamond contracts, is said to be in the last stages of starting contracts which will facilitate trading in the valuable stones with an official start by India’s Securities and Exchange Board (SEBI) anticipated by March.

But, despite their allure, diamonds are being monitored by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) in France which has cautioned the public against diamond investment offers.

Normally, diamonds are believed to be a secure haven, with guarantees of unique and even impossible profits; however, the AMF advises people to be careful. 

The caution has come about after the AMF recognized a huge rise in investment diamonds offerings to the French public and obtained numerous grievances of forceful marketing from these platforms, together with hardships gone through in improving investments.

Also, it was recognized that these platforms’ postal addresses or firms in high-class areas are normally imaginary.

The AMF has cautioned that because of the huge rate of doubt regarding the state of offers like these, investors need to be very careful prior to taking action on such kind of enticements.

The AMF also reminds investors that these offers for investment are dangerous and in the event of fraud, they need to lodge a complaint, offering the judicial authorities all available data.
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