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Diamond Brokers Queensland of DiamondQueensland.com.au is a diamond and jewelry retail and wholesale distributor based in Brisbane, Australia and established in 2002. The company stocks GIA certified white diamonds, Argyle pink diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, as well as engagement rings at discounted prices. The company is owned by professional diamond grader and jewelry designer Adrian Lee.

Diamond Brokers Queensland Review

Here's our honest review of Diamond Brokers Queensland.

Services - High Quality

Although Diamond Queensland offers a wide selection of diamonds with different colors and shapes, they do not sell their diamonds online to just anyone. In order to purchase a diamond or engagement ring, you must contact the company directly with your information, or book an appointment with their retail store in Brisbane.

The fact that they're not willing to sell their diamonds to anyone with the money tells us they genuinely care about providing their customers with a quality experience. Fraudulent diamond distributors will say and do anything for payment – this isn't the case with DiamondQueensland.com.au.

Education - Great Source

Diamond Queensland gives potential customers plenty of educational material on purchasing diamonds and jewelry. Including what it involves, how to select the best diamond for specific situations, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that come with purchasing diamonds and gemstones for investment purposes. All-in-all, DiamondQueensland.com.au makes an effort to educate their customers to ensure they make the right decision.

Each diamond purchase comes with an international diamond grading certificate. Certificates inform buyers of the diamond's carat size, color grade, depth, polish, and quality. Diamond Brokers Queensland's diamonds are independently graded and certified by GIA.

Conclusion - Trustworthy!

DiamondQueensland.com.au is spearheaded by a certified diamond grader who offers white, Argyle pink, naturally colored, lab treated, and engagement rings at reasonable prices. The company appears to be a legitimate and honorable business, and there are currently no negative reviews of their services.
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