DIC Holding - Is It a Scam? DICHolding.com Diamond Investment Review

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Diamonds International Corporation, or DIC Holding, was formed in 2005 as a Czech-based company specializing in the production and sale of original diamond jewelry. Their subsidiaries include sources from the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Serbia, as well as Hong Kong, Ukraine, and Russia. DIC Holding is also a registered member with one of the world's most prestigious diamond markets in Antwerp.

DICHolding.com Diamond Investment Review

While they specialize in hand-crafting high-end diamond jewelry, DIC Holding also provides investment grade diamonds. So is DIC Holding a scam, or are their intentions genuine?

Investing In Diamonds - High Quality

Diamonds are an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio of any size. Generally, diamonds act as medium to long term investment alternatives. DIC Holding gives you several reasons why diamonds are a potentially lucrative investment.

Concentrated Wealth – For the amount received, diamonds come with a comparably high value. DIC Holding's most expensive diamond contains 12 carats and costs 1.2 million EUR.

Fluent Price Growth – Diamonds experience continuous international growth without the constant price fluctuations associated with commodities and precious metals.

Stable Investment – Diamond prices constantly rise, but do so conservatively. Next to gold diamonds have been the most stable investment vehicle for the past decade.

Discreet – Unlike cars, real estate, and most other tangible investments, diamonds are small, discreet, and can easily be kept hidden for stronger security.

Unfortunately, DIC Holding does not currently showcase their current stock of diamonds on their website. To purchase diamonds for investment purposes, you must contact the company directly. 

Luckily, each diamond purchase comes with a certified report from the GIA, IGI, HRD, and CGL. These extra layers of security verify the diamond's value, letting you know if you made a smart investment decision.

Conclusion - Trustworthy!

To compete with competitors, DIC Holding should really consider updating their website with a complete list of their current diamond stock, or at least explain the types of diamonds they offer. But overall, based on our findings we can confidently claim that DIC Holding is a legitimate diamond jewelry seller. We found no negative reviews on the company.
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