Diamantkwartier [Diamantaire Anvers] - What Problems You Might Encounter When Buying Diamonds From Antwerp Diamond Sellers

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The Antwerp Diamond Quarter

The Antwerp Diamond Quarter (Diamantkwartier) is perhaps the oldest, most storied, diamond district in the world. Long before New York, Hong Kong and Hatton Gardens came on the scenes, Antwerp was cutting and trading diamonds for export and local trade. Antwerp took over as the main European diamond center from Bruges in the 16th century (along with many other import trades). 

During the 17th century, Amsterdam took over as the leader for a while, but Antwerp retook the mantel during the 19th century developing relationships with the miners in the newfound diamond trade of South Africa. Today the Antwerp diamond market has been in decline but it is still one of the top 5 biggest diamonds markets in the world.

What to Be Aware Of When Buying Antwerp Diamonds: 

There are some tricks that jewelers may use and you must know these tricks in order to avoid falling victim, virtually all of these tricks prey on the fact that consumers aren’t educated enough about buying diamonds.

1. Treated Diamonds

This is a problem sometimes with a few bad Antwerp Diamond sellers. A treated diamond is nothing like a natural diamond and the prices cannot be compared. If you are buying a diamond it should not be treated.

2. Non-certified Diamonds

This is also problem with some customers who are sold non certified diamonds, when buying from a diamond seller in Antwerp always buy only certified diamonds. 

3. Bad Prices

One of our website users wrote to us about trying to find a good diamond in the Antwerp diamond district: 

"It is hard for me lately to find a place that use GIA certified diamonds that are non-treated and I feel that many of the diamond sellers today over-price their diamonds and sell lower quality stones." 

We were very sad to hear that this buyer had this kinds of experience and want to help our website users only get the best prices and quality from Antwerp diamond sellers that they are dealing with.

If you know how to be aware of these kinds of tricks and use a trusted Antwerp diamond seller (also known as Diamantaire Anvers) you should not have any problems with getting the best diamond for your money.
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