Colored Diamonds Investment

Investing in Colored Diamonds

A Short Guide to Investing in Colored Diamonds? 

Going Colored? 

One of the reasons colored diamonds as investments are growing in popularity is due their rarity. In short, colorless diamonds are naturally found in nature nearly 1,000 times more often than their colored counterparts. Here’s everything you need to know about investing in colored diamonds. 


So, you’ve decided to make the leap from investing in colorless diamonds to investing in colored diamonds. The first principle you need to consider during the selection process is the diamond’s rarity. Like any stone, regardless of color, the rarer the diamond, the greater the potential return on investment. 


Most investors use color as the basis for their investing decision, but this is not always the best way to invest your money. Even though all colored diamonds are rarer than colorless stones, all colors are not equal in rarity. For instance, brown, black, and yellow gems are found much more often in nature compared to colors like red, blue, and orange. 


Colored diamonds carry different color intensities, which range from faint to vivid. Colored diamonds with vivid intensities will be more valuable, due to the fact that stones with really bright strong colors are rare. So typically, the stronger and brighter, the rarer the stone. But even so, when using colored diamonds as an investment, diamonds with light to mid colored intensities will be more affordable, and typically act as better investments. 


A diamond’s weight tells you about its size. As you might guess, larger diamonds are rarer than smaller stones. When the carat weight rises, the stone’s value and price will follow. 


Specific shapes are more desired by diamond market participants than others. The highest value cuts will have round, princess, and emerald shapes. These shapes hold more value due to the difficulty involved in properly cutting a diamond into these particular shapes. Diamonds cuts that are easier to make are usually less valuable.

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