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GigaFX Review

If you do some research, you will realize that nowadays there is no shortage of online brokerages in the market. You can find a brokerage without much difficulty, regardless of whether you want to trade in the foreign exchange market, stock market, cryptocurrencies, indices or commodities market. However, the key is to find a brokerage that can fulfill your needs in the best way possible. One of the best options that you will come across is GigaFX as it has become renowned for helping traders in conducting their transactions safely and smoothly. Most people might ignore this brokerage as they believe it to be scam as it was established in March 2018. 

While it is the truth that GigaFX is a relatively new brokerage, but it has gained a strong reputation during this time because it is able to offer a transparent and seamless trading experience to its customers. Within a very short time period, it has attracted the attention of traders in more than 76 countries and they are catering to their needs by keeping the brokerage regularly updated with the best features and tools required during the trading process. One of the biggest reasons why the brokerage has been able to increase its following is by offering traders the opportunity of investing in a wide array of assets. 

They are able to make investments in a variety of markets in a secure manner and also gain access to a ton of sophisticated tools and features. When you sign up on GigaFX, you no longer have to worry about getting swindled by the numerous hackers and crackers who are ready to take advantage of anyone who is not familiar with the market. With this trading platform, you don’t have to concern yourself with privacy and security problems as this brokerage has addressed them effectively. It has been developed by a dedicated team of experts and they provide their assistance in a plethora of languages to cater to a worldwide client base. 

GigaFX is aware that the trading platform can make a huge difference in the way trades are executed due to which they have provided their users with the best possible options. The brokerage has incorporated the ever-popular MetaTrader 4, which is the top choice of most brokerages because it is smooth and user-friendly. Mobile applications are also available to provide traders with the flexibility of making their trades regardless of where they are and what time it is. 

However, their most unique offering in terms of trading platforms is the GigaFX WebTrader, which is their own proprietary trading platform. GigaFX has put in a lot of effort in designed this platform and it comes with an advanced charting package that doesn’t just provide charts, but also offers technical analysis that can be immensely useful during trading. Another great feature of this trading platform is that it can be used by novices and experts alike as it is easy to use and doesn’t involve a learning curve, something that might be the case in MT4. 

The adoption of GigaFX by traders around the globe is also because of the several account types it offers, based on a trader’s preference and comfort level. The beginner account is known as Starter and it doesn’t come with an initial deposit requirement, which is undeniably a plus because it helps in keeping the risk at minimum. Basic training and features are available through this account and you can move up to the Silver option when you are comfortable. The third account is for experienced traders who are willing to increase the risk and need some advanced tools to help them out. VIP traders can go with the Platinum option, designed for those who adopt trading as a profession and go all in. 

Facilitating its users is a priority for GigaFX due to which they offer a multitude of payment options, both for deposits and withdrawal. Obviously, you cannot execute trades unless you have funds in your account and you can add them through bank wire transfers, debit or credit cards such as Visa, Delta, Diners, MasterCard, Maestro and more and also digital transfer services. The same method has to be used for withdrawal and this is quite easy, as long as your account is properly verified, which means you have provided accurate information when signing up. 

It is not possible for any brokerage to provide its customers with a satisfying and memorable experience unless it is able to resolve their problems and issues promptly and effectively. The best customer support is needed to make this happen and this is exactly what GigaFX has accomplished in its short time on the market. They have friendly and responsive service representatives who are skilled at putting customers at ease and can be reached via phone, email or even text messages. These agents don’t just give traders insight into how the website works, but are also able to answer any trading questions you may have. 

GigaFX also charges very low commission and offers tight spreads to traders. The fees is kept at a minimum to reduce the cost of trading and to provide the best competitive rates in the market. Another perk of GigaFX is that they have developed a responsive user interface that can offer a smooth and seamless experience. Logging in and out is simple and finding anything on the website is not difficult as it has been structured properly. The security concerns of traders have also been addressed by the brokerage. 

They have used 256-bit SSL encryption, the highest form available, to ensure that no third parties can access customer data without their permission. They have also implemented strong policies such as Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for ensuring the highest standards are followed. Funds are also kept in segregated accounts to prevent any mix ups. Due to these measures and other features, GigaFX has become a reliable choice of traders all over the world when they are interesting in trading across numerous financial global markets.
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