How to Make a Complaint

  • - Have you been scammed or defrauded by a fake diamond investment scheme? 

  • - Have you given money to someone soliciting you about investing and diamonds and they have vanished into thin air with your money? 

  • - Has someone been calling you offering you to invest in diamonds and you feel you might be the target of a scam?

Today is your chance to tell the world your story, today is your chance to get help in making a complaint. We can post an article about your story on our website and try to help you by directing you in the direction of your local complaints public office. 

Send us your story so that we can help the world be safer from diamond investment scams and we will try to help you by giving you the contact info of your local public office where you can file an official complaint.

Our contact email: diamondinvestmentscams(@)
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