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%100 Trusted Investment Grade Diamond Sellers! - is an online diamond selling service that has been doing business online since 2013 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in the US. Naturally Colored was initially formed in 2000 by the Peled Diamonds Ltd., which has been conducting diamond transactions since 1942. - is a diamond and jewelry retail and wholesale distributor based in Brisbane, Australia and established in 2002. The company stocks GIA certified white diamonds, Argyle pink diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, as well as engagement rings at discounted prices. - Diamonds International Corporation, or DIC Holding, was formed in 2005 as a Czech-based company specializing in the production and sale of original diamond jewelry. Their subsidiaries include sources from the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Serbia, as well as Hong Kong, Ukraine, and Russia. - The Private Diamond Club of was founded in 2009 and is based in Antwerp, Netherlands. Antwerp is home to the Diamond Exchange Building, one of three restricted diamond marketplaces – the others are located in New York, Bombay, and Tel Aviv.
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